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Innovations in economic development are what are going to get us from the wealth and income inequality, work/life imbalance, labor downgrading, and environmental degradation dragging us down. The Imagined Economy Project explores some of the things communities, businesses, and governments are trying to do to get us to an economy that works for all. Read the reports  and occasional blog posts and be prepared to be inspired to help think through the new social imagination taking root in our world right now!

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Cities Developing Worker Co-ops: Efforts in Ten Cities

By Michelle Camou | August 9, 2016

Ten city governments are supporting worker cooperatives as a way to promote equity and inclusion in their local economies. Find out what the cities are doing as well as the early results and what it will take to make this commitment permanent. Read More


Biomimicry: A Way Toward Earth-Compatible Industry?

By Michelle Camou | May 18, 2016

Biomimicry looks to nature as a guide for development that better harmonizes with the natural world. Is it the solution to a system of enterprise jeopardizing life on the planet? Read More


Some More Political Imagination, Please!

By Michelle Camou | November 14, 2016

The big orange elephant in the room is that our political system can’t find the common good. Supposedly, the Trump win was a demand to change this, but was it? Trump winning means decisions are still concentrated in a wealthy elite and, at this time, a lone, single, wild card of one. He ran on…


Excited to Announce a New Report and a Newly-Designed Website

By Michelle Camou | May 18, 2016

There’s a new report ready to read! It’s an introduction to biomimicry, an exciting new interdisciplinary approach to product design, innovation, manufacturing, and building that could be world changing! Biomimicry suggests that, if businesses take cues from nature, they can make products, processes, and human systems that close the loop, preserve ecosystem functioning, and fit…