About Us

sky and skyscraper

The Imagined Economy Project exists to explore the project of economic development aimed at promoting equity, opportunity, and ecological health. The disadvantages of capitalism are plenty: structural poverty, inequality, the debasement of work, overconsumption, and environmental destruction. Increasingly, communities and  businesses are imagining and experimenting with various possibilities for resolving those disadvantages and changing local markets themselves.

The Imagined Economy Project attempts to follow, evaluate, and discuss some of these initiatives under the premise that now is the time to encourage and increase awareness of promising efforts. In the current climate, traditional public policy approaches focused on regulation, taxation, and social spending appear to have certain limits that may be intensifying in an increasingly global economy and a politics of retrenchment.  The way forward is likely to rely on new sorts of imagination about enterprise, labor, technology, and the human role in nature, and the Imagined Economy Project is excited to play a small role in this through research and discussion.