Michelle Camou

3325 E. Smith Rd.
Medina, Ohio 44256
t: 330-241-5322
e: imaginedeconomy@gmail.com

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I started the Imagined Economy Project as a way to continue working on questions of  social equality outside of academia. Most recently, I worked as an assistant professor of Political Science at a liberal arts college in Ohio. My courses and scholarly work there built on my graduate research concerned with community responses to the vagaries of low-wage contingent labor markets in urban areas. I soon found the rural teaching college was a less-than-ideal fit for me. I left it behind while maintaining my interest in thinking about what communities can do to realize a more equitable economy at a time when governments are less inclined to make social welfare policy, the regulation of businesses, and the bargaining rights of workers priorities.

My biases are these: a return to Keynesian sensibilities is not enough to produce a more just economy. We are not yet at the level of complete solution. We need to talk. We need to think. There is value in identifying existing examples of small-scale efforts to reform markets, whether through cooperative ownership, community asset building, and the like.  Through research, writing, blogging and, perhaps eventually, community education, I hope to contribute to furthering our collective imagination about making the economy work better for us and the other living things on our planet.