Excited to Announce a New Report and a Newly-Designed Website

There’s a new report ready to read! It’s an introduction to biomimicry, an exciting new interdisciplinary approach to product design, innovation, manufacturing, and building that could be world changing! Biomimicry suggests that, if businesses take cues from nature, they can make products, processes, and human systems that close the loop, preserve ecosystem functioning, and fit in with the local environment– and all of that can harmonize the economy beachwith the natural world! Such a change will take lots of time, breakthrough technologies, and market penetration, as well as political will to substitute Earth-compatible industries for polluting ones. Of course, with climate change and a “sixth extinction” most likely looming, there are questions whether this change can happen fast enough and perform well enough to be the solution for the planet that our world is clamoring for.  In the absence of other clear options, it seems worth it to make biomimicry a key plank of our society’s action on the environment and do whatever we can to help it result in the amount of energy savings, reduced toxicities, and habitat integrity that Earth needs to support life.


Take a look at the report for a lot more information and detail!

Biomimicry: A Way Toward Earth-Compatible Industry?

And, the Imagined Economy Project would also like to thank Borlandia for an incredible website re-design! They are an Akron, Ohio-based husband/wife website design team that donated their services. We are so pleased with the results and for their fantastic customer service! Check them out.




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