First Report Ready to Read!

Prolonged silence on this blog means that the first report is finally up on the website! It’s called “Three Methods to Worker Ownership” and is a reflection piece on commonly-promoted methods for expanding worker cooperatives as a distinct sector of local economies. These methods include anchor institutions, business conversions, and spinoffs.

The report finds that each method includes ways to reduce entrepreneurial risk and generate access to unique forms of financing. However, each method also involves limits, detailed in the report. The Imagined Economy Project concludes that a multi-method approach combining a mix of ventures- attached to anchor institutions, started as business conversions, and spinoffs from successful worker co-ops-  is probably a safer bet for development projects than focusing on one method alone.  A facilitative infrastructure to help coordinate business selection, financial resources, and employment and job promotion pipelines can help maximize impacts further.

I hope you will read the report and leave any comments, questions, or feedback here or send them to You can access the report under the Reports & Publications bar, or simply click here. 3methods