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The Imagined Economy Project prepares reports and analyses based on original research, produces a “Business Profiles” series detailing model worker cooperatives, and writes for external publication. Scroll down to access writing in each of those categories.

Overviews and Analysis

Cities Developing Worker Co-ops: Efforts in Ten Cities

By Michelle Camou | Aug 9, 2016

Ten city governments are supporting worker cooperatives as a way to promote equity and inclusion in their local economies. Find out what the cities are doing as well as the early results and what it will take to make this commitment permanent. Read More


Three Methods to Worker Ownership

By Michelle Camou | Aug 10, 2015
three methods

This report reflects on three commonly-promoted methods to expand worker cooperatives in the United States: anchor institutions, business conversions, and spinoffs. Published October 10, 2015. Three Methods to Worker Ownership


Business Profiles

Rust Belt Riders Composting

By Michelle Camou | Jan 1, 2016
FireShot Capture 21 - Rust Belt Riders Composting – Imagined_ - http___economy.borlandiadev.com_pu

Read about Rust Belt Riders Composting, in Cleveland, Ohio. What a better way to handle organic waste than just dumping in the landfill: Rust Belt Riders Composting